Cyndee Sharpe

Graduating with a B.S. degree in Education. My real passion lead me to the essence of the great outdoors and the elusiveness of nature, only then to be followed with the same intensity when capturing the human spirit. I, thus, refined my skills through out the years, by traveling many miles in pursuit of that unique shot, be it wild in nature or mankind.
As I took on the “ professional photographer” title, I pursued the “heart” of all subjects, whether it is a scenic view, a still life, a wild creature, or a portrait/family/wedding, etc. My vision and my creative approach to each situation, becomes a work of art. My commitment to this passion is evident in every image.
“ Quality Can Be Affordable”, not only draws my clients to continually seek my services, once they recognize and begin to relate to my talent and recognition as one of the truly “unique” photographers, but they also know that they are getting a quality product at a very reasonable price.
Quality Can Be Affordable!